Innovative Solutions

for E-Commerce Success

Innovation is at our core, and we're here to elevate your e-commerce journey. With Aspedan, expect nothing less than transformative solutions that drive your business forward.


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Boost Shopify stores’ average order value with discounted sale campaigns from a smooth setup to automatic use

Why you should choose us;

High Quality

We build Aspedan Apps to provide high-quality Shopify apps: apps that work in any Shopify Store with minimum configuration and minimum need for support handling.

Customer Care

A professional customer support team is waiting to help you grow your business quickly.

Affordable Price

Undoubtedly, Choosing Aspedan apps represents a wise investment, delivering exceptional value for the cost involved.

Time Accessibility

24/7 availability to make sure your questions are answered immediately.


Innovative Solutions for E-Commerce Success;

Founded in 2023, Aspedan has assisted Shopify stores in elevating their business and boosting their net profits. As a Canadian-based e-commerce solution provider, Aspedan will navigate the challenges and opportunities of the Shopify community.

Discount Prime


Discover the power of our Shopify app with A 30-minute talk that will answer.

Aspedan is a subsidiary of Devcraft Solutions, a technology development company founded in 2023. By combining the latest digital systems with AI, Devcraft Solutions focuses on developing powerful solutions for complex challenges, such as optimizing processes, minimizing errors, and streamlining workflows. Our mission is clear: to be the trusted arm of Devcraft Solutions within Shopify, dedicated to transforming the landscape of online retail and empowering businesses to flourish in this digital era.

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